Ever heard the saying “if only I knew then what I know now I would have done things differently?” This is usually something you hear from a person who felt that they let an opportunity pass them by and that is the premise behind our Guide to Personal Solutions (GPS) program. GPS is a program designed for young adults in their 20s and 30s that is intended to help provide a solid foundation for their financial future.

GPS is an opportunity for young adults to meet with a financial professional and have them look at what they are doing (or not doing) and provide them with a blueprint as to what is going well and what potential changes need to be made. For a onetime payment of $399 we will spend 2 hours with you (and your spouse, if applicable) to

Our GPS program includes a review of:

  • Current Savings and Spending Habits.
  • Insurance Programs:  Life, Disability, Health, Auto, Homeowners, etc…
  • Mortgage
  • Credit / Debt Profile
  • Retirement Plan
  • Income Taxes

The purpose of the program is to allow young people a chance to avoid the common mistakes that are typically made over the course of one’s lifetime by educating them ahead of time as to what they should be doing. It gives them the opportunity to ask the questions they need answers to, get professional guidance as well as a qualified second opinion as to whether or not they are on the right road financially. At the conclusion of the meeting participants will receive a handy reference and resource guide to help them on their financial journey.

This program is affordably priced at $399 and can make a great gift for parents worried about their children’s future, a family with children, newlyweds starting a life together, a college graduate just out of school or a grandparent wanting to assist a grandchild.

Contact us today to learn more about how our GPS program can help point you in the right direction!  Click here to get started.